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Citi Capital Funding Helps Your Business Grow

What We Do

As experts in commercial lending, we understand the various financial hurdles businesses face in order to succeed. Our extensive range of commercial finance products is here to assist you. Our services include:

When your customers have 90 days or more to pay for your products or services, your company’s hands are tied.
Citi Capital Funding specializes in providing businesses with the means to acquire and invest in commercial real estate.
At Citi Capital Funding, we offer an extensive portfolio of equipment financing and lease products to help your business build working capital and expand operations.
Depending on your business and your financial situation, you might find it hard to qualify for traditional business loans.
Citi Capital Funding has an abundance of professional experience and resources to handle your small business loan.
Citi Capital Funding offers unsecured business lines of credit to businesses that have solid credit profiles.

More Than a Commercial Lender

Different businesses have specific needs. Each situation requires a targeted solution–there is no one size fits all.

Let Citi Capital Funding secure financing for your business. Speak with one of our representatives, who can help you through the application process.

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