Increase Cash Flow and Budget Flexibility

Consumer financing allows your business to expand its customer base while increasing cash flow. At Citi Capital Funding, our products are designed to maximize budget flexibility that allows you to grow. Improve brand awareness by extending a consumer credit line that lets your customers pay their debt over time.

Consumer Benefits

With consumer financing, you can extend a revolving line of credit to your customers that’s simple and easy to manage. They receive quick and consistent approval, helping them build credit and spend responsibly. Through our services, your clients receive:

  • Fast, simple application process
  • Extended payment terms
  • Secure financial protection
  • Revolving credit

Better for Your Business

Our consumer credit services include fast response times and consistent credit approvals. Furthermore, we can support high credit limits, helping your assets expand. In addition to our financing services, we also provide extensive client support, assisting with bad debt collection, e-signature verification and financial training solutions. Our products can help your company:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build consumer loyalty
  • Establish a consumer base
  • Gain access to further financing options
  • Encourage return business

Discover how consumer credit can increase sales and improve customer loyalty. Speak with one of our experienced lenders at Citi Capital Funding for more information about consumer financing and the options available for your situation.