Funding for Working Capital and Equipment

At Citi Capital Funding, we offer an extensive portfolio of equipment financing and lease products to help your business build working capital and expand operations. With approval in as little as 24 hours, your business can receive the financing it needs to acquire business-related equipment quickly, small or big.

Our Equipment Financing Programs

We are proud to offer a variety of programs, each specially designed for your specific capital and financial needs. Our products include:

Sale and Lease Back: Use existing equity to finance your working capital. If you already own your equipment, we can purchase and lease it back to you at a low, fixed rate. This gives your business the benefit of increased cash on hand that can be used toward other ventures. Once the lease is paid in full, ownership is returned to the business.

Startup Capital: In new businesses cash flow is limited. Through our equipment financing program, you growing company can gain the resources it needs to get its feet on the ground and increase revenue in a critical growth period.

Government Leasing: Municipal developers and government agencies can take advantage of guaranteed approval and fixed lease financing rates lower than standard lending rates. Eligible entities include state and federal agencies, police and fire departments, public schools and libraries.

Leasing Options

Equipment leasing is beneficial for businesses that need increased cash flow or do not have the resources to own and maintain heavy equipment. Additionally, short lease terms prevent equipment obsolescence, allowing your business to operate with the latest technology. Other benefits of equipment leasing include:

  • Low, fixed monthly rates
  • No depletion of existing credit lines
  • Expense write-offs and other tax advantages
  • Additional cash on hand

Contact us today to receive more information about equipment funding and leasing. Our experts are standing by to help your business achieve its growth goals and increase your spending flexibility.