A New Way to Boost Your Business Health

Veterinarians, dentists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals require a bit of care for their practices. When that needed care is of the financial variety, Citi Capital Funding is here to offer a variety of healthcare financing options to make it easier for you to bring out the best in your business.

Our Financing Programs

Just as there are different healthcare services, there are several different types of healthcare lending. Some of those we offer include:

  • Expansion loans
  • Working capital
  • Practice acquisition loans
  • Equipment lending
  • Improvement loans

If you are not quite sure of the type of care you need, let us know and we’ll help you narrow down your options.

Debt Consolidation

You might also have racked up considerable debt in your quest to build, sustain and grow your practice. If so, we can help you with debt consolidation. Now you can make a quick and easy payment every month rather than have several reminders programmed into your phone or calendar to pay several different lenders. Even better is the fact that we do our best to make your single monthly payment as low as possible, and there’s a chance you can have your current debt paid off in as little as one week.

Start exploring your options for healthcare financing today to realize and unleash your practice’s full potential.