Let Us Help You Make Good on Your Presold Goods

If your business offers presold or finished goods, you might find you sometimes have trouble securing financing that allows you to operate your business as usual. When all your purchase order financing is done through Citi Capital Funding, you’ll have the pleasure of knowing you and your business are both in good hands, no matter if you’re a distributor, wholesaler, producer or reseller, we aim to help as many businesses as possible.

Our Skills and Your Options Are Many

Because we understand how many obstacles exist for business owners of all sizes, we’ve done everything possible to eliminate as many impediments as we can while you make your way down the path to commercial success. Businesses we’ve helped in the past include:

  • Those that have a hard time gathering capital
  • Those that lack access to working capital
  • Those that are just getting up and running

Know that our professional background in production finance extends to work in progress as well as letters of credit for export and import transactions. What’s more is our pros are also equally skilled in domestic trade purchases.

Know that there are several different advantages to purchase order financing. Find out what they are and how beneficial they can be to your business by learning more today.